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Privacy Policy

1.Weenx respects and complies with all international regulations and is extremely committed to protect and safeguard all personal and financial information including names, contact information, bank accounts and financial transactions.

2.Weenx collects, protects and maintains all personal information submitted by customers solely for the purpose of satisfying the terms and conditions of use and compliance with regulations of each jurisdiction.

3.International rules and regulations prohibit illegal use and disclosure of customers’ personal information. We encourage all customers to report any violation and illegal activities to enforcement and regulatory agencies.

4.At Weenx we are committed to your privacy and will protect your personal and financial information with our state of the art security algorithms and guarantee your privacy in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations.

5.At Weenx we acknowledge our obligations and responsibilities for the cookies stored on your behalf without any improper use or harm. Cookies are text files stored in our website by internet providers (such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.) One feature of cookies is to store username and password to log in to desired websites.