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Terms & Conditions

1.Weenx pre-paid card is valid for transaction payments related to only contracted on-line stores and companies.

2.Weenx pre-paid card like any bank card may be used up to maximum available balance and will not be re-charged.

3.Weenx per-paid card may be used for paying all or part of invoice amount.
Weenx does not accept responsibility for any errors and/or mishandling of payments to Weenx merchants and contractors.

4.Using Weenx pre-paid card :

a.Register and create an account at Weenx.net and select/purchase your desired pre-paid card.
b.Check your account section and verify remaining balance for each pre-paid card purchased.

5.Weenx pre-paid cards cannot be charges or exchanged.

6.Weenx pre-paid cards can be used as gifts to another individual.

7.Weenx pre-paid card like any bank card contains expiration date, cvv2. Password and 16-digit umber. In case there is a need to extend the expiration date contact your account manager.

8.Individuals under age of 18 are prohibited from purchasing Weenx pre-paid cards and Weenx is not liable for any misuse.

9.Weenx prepaid cards are generated only by the www.Weenx.net website. This website disclaims any liability for similar names.

10.Weenx is not responsible for any misuse such as money laundering, copyright, terrorist financial activities, inappropriate moral and ethical contents associated with Weenx merchants.

11.You are responsible to take all precautions when purchasing and using Weenx pre-paid cards as the any remaining funds are not refundable.

12.Please safeguard your login information and password as Weenx is not responsible for lost cards or stolen information.

13.Purchasing and using Weenx pre-paid cars is subject to customers agreement with all terms and cinditions.

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If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us.